Acobuild - Prefabricated ACP Structure

Excellent Colour Uniformity A very high end technology is used to coat the aluminium skin with quality colours and ensures accurate colour constancy. Uniform flatness-Acobuild Aluminium Composite Panels are absolutely flat and free from any distortion. Light Yet Rigid Acobuild aluminium composite panels weigh 3.4 times less than steel and 1 times less than aluminium and yet compete equally when it comes to rigidity. Hassle Free Maintenance Acobuild aluminium composite panels require little or no maintenance during their lifetime. In fact, by simply wiping them with a normal detergent you can keep them in mint condition for years. Reduction of construction lead time in final stages.

Acobuild Aluminium Composite Panels just turns the dreams into reality! Other means of making a structure cannot deliver the result as Acobuild Aluminium Composite Panel does. It is the preferred materials of architect planning interior & exterior of a structure. Acobuild Aluminium Composite Panels have a number of benefits over panels of other brands.

  • Adding true beauty to a structure
  • An economical option
  • Easily and quickly processed
  • Long lasting durability
  • Excellent weather resistance
  • Outstanding thermal comfort
  • Improved sound dampening
  • Protecting the environment
  • Least maintenance required
  • Super-strong
  • Lifelong
  • Cost effective