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SpeedKABIN are in many ways an ideal building material because they are strong, durable, stackable, cuttable, movable, modular, plentiful and relatively economic. Architects as well as laypeople have used them to build many types of buildings such as homes, offices, apartments, schools, dormitories, artists’ studios and emergency shelters; they have also been used as swimming pools. They are also used to provide temporary secure spaces on construction sites and other venues on an "as is" basis instead of building shelters.
Product M.S. BUNK HOUSES (Porta Kabin)
The mobile, fully portable site office units from SpeedKabin present a much-heralded answer to costly construction office trailers and field office trailer units. Constructed of Conventional Building and Other Structures, our rugged – highly secure – ground-level, water-proof mobile offices are ideal for construction companies and general building contractors needing a cost-effective solution to their site and field office needs. With no permits, stair construction or site leveling required, the mobile, high security, ground-level site and field office units are the intelligent and cost-effective – alternative to general construction site offices and field offices, including portable offices and construction office trailer storage units.

In fact, our mobile, fully portable high security office storage units are ideal for use on any construction site requiring an intelligent cost-effective site office, field office, storage unit. These units are stackable (1+1) & juxtaposeable, There simply isn’t a better solution for a temporary but fully portable construction site office. Options of Front Office Units, Staircase units, back office operations, meeting rooms & complete office solutions are available. Our Units can be completely integrated into any existing facility.

We offer solutions that are capable of ground +1 high. Such complexes can house Lavatory, Laundry, Exercise, Meeting, Office, Kitchen and Dinning areas, as well as have a self contained Waste Management System. Mounted Modules that are joined together as a self-contained facility can be completed with stairs and railing. Modules can be mounted on solid or temporary steel or concrete footings. They can also be joined together or set as stand-alone units.Modules can be manufactured to suit your needs. This drawing displays the attachment of 12 Modules to make a small Field Camp. This style of arrangement can be enlarged to meet the needs of a camp facility for any number of personnel. Modular Buildings offer temporary and permanent cost effective solutions, enabling you to reduce your costs and improve productivity. Modular buildings are built specifically to your individual requirements and the needs of your work force.


Dimension SpeedKABIN

FLOOR Floor frame: 150/125 mm section connected by IPE prole. Soldered by electric welding
Maximum Floor loading 125 Kg/Sm
Insulation: Glass wool / expanded polystyrene / polyurethane foam options.
Floor made of wood /cement ( thickness 19 mm), class 1, assembled by feather joint.
Floor covering: PVC lining U2P2 class 2.
ROOF FRAM Roof: 2 main sectional beams of steel refasten with tubular cross bars.
Water tightness: sheet metal exterior galvanised.
E Roof resistance: 1,5Kn/m2 + 1 person with 80 Kg (more on demand)
Insulation: Glass wool / expanded polystyrene / polyurethane foam sandwich panel, class 1.
SUPER STRUCTURE Steel L Frame 150 x 150 mm (steel interior and exterior) also used as water outlet tube.
Combination with oor and roof by electric welding
WALLS 16 gauge steel corrugated sheets treated with anti-corrosive treatment & then painted with marine paint followed by primer & putty. Soldered by electric welding to Bottom & Top framing.
Insulation: 50 mm of Glasswool / Rockwool – class 1 (option in rockwool class 0)
ELECTRICAL INSTALLATION According to the Indian standard; the installation is wired in and is equipped with an electrical board(one for each module) with : 1 differential 25 A circuit braker, 30mA
1 16 A fuse rack for the plug circuit,
1 16 A fuse rack for each convector
1 10 A fuse rack for the lighting circuit
ELECTRICAL FITTING Standard equipment by module, without option or specic requests:
2 lighting 1 x 36 W cover, 1 switch, 1 supply convector , 2 socket 16 A +T, 1 connection box
PROTECTION Structure: 2-pack paint system ie. P rimer & top coat (Standard colour: RAL 9002)
VARIED FITTING Air conditioning, Furniture for Ofce/Accomodation, phone connection… all possible requests, according to customer and options.

Dimension Sheet for M.S. Containers

Lift-N-Shift Bunk House   UL50 or UL80
PRODUCT sizes OUTER (in Feet) OUTER (in mm)
Product Number Length Width Height Length Width Height
10-08 10 8 8.5 3000 2400 2500
10-10 10 10 8.5 3000 3000 2500
15-08 15 8 8.5 4500 2400 2500
15-10 15 10 8.5 4500 3000 2500
20-08 20 8 8.5 6000 2400 2500
20-10 20 10 8.5 6000 3000 2500
30-08 30 8 8.5 9000 2400 2500
30-10 30 10 8.5 9000 3000 2500
40-08 40 8 8.5 12000 2400 2500
40-10 40 10 8.5 12000 3000 2500

SpeedKABIN (Container office & Homes)
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