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Together, we’ll bring your improved business competitiveness and bottom- line success into focus with our full range of off-the shelf solutions or customised adaptations to our standard products.

A Global presence with representation in 45 countries means we have the technical, project management and service support skills to ensure your success locally, wherever in the world you do business.

if you are banking on success, you can trust us at HYCON to make light work providing you the right enclosure solution in the right place at the right time and- crucially- at the right price.

At HYCON, we pride ourselves after almost a century of commitment on the support we will provide to help you achieve the extraordinary, by being a global, yet local solutions provider who is always easy to do business with.

The Electrical House

(Also known as “E-House” or “Integrated Power Assembly”) costs considerably less to engineer, integrate, and construct than those structures built on-site. It completes that task with limited resources while simultaneously maintaining existing process & operations. The Electrical House is engineered to ensure that both customer specifications and building codes are met for each installation and adds tax advantage benefits.

  • Constructed using a rugged, welded I-Beam base, providing a solid foundation for internally mounted components allowing either slab or “raised on piers” installation.
  • Galvanized steel, stainless steel, or aluminum construction provides application flexibility for a wide variety of site conditions.
  • A coordinated single shipment eliminates multiple on-site handling and storage expenses.
  • All equipment is installed, tested, and ready to use upon delivery, eliminating on-site coordination and installation problems.
  • Factory-assembled with necessary functioning components so timeline from set up to completion is reduced allowing earlier startup of facility on processing of revenue stream.
  • Value-added engineering services can provide recommendations designed to lower your costs, ease installation, and simplify future expansion.
  • Almost any type of electrical equipment from Eaton can be installed in an Integrated Power Assembly.

Technical Solution

Enclosure Solutions for every need

At HYCON We believe that the best way to design the perfect product is to work closely with our coustomers. we offer one the most comprehensive ranges of Electrical & Thermal Enclosures.

We help you suceed and grow your efficient Electrical & Thermal Enclosure solutions, that make it easy for your to mount component inside and because we understand your key role in the supply chain, we focus 100% on giving you on-time delivery.

We care about every little detail that makes it easier for you to use our electrical equipment. That’s why we not only supply enclosures with quick access side panel, easy to remove doors and an extensive range of mounting accessories, but also make it as easy to find and order the solution you need.

  • False Flooring Technolgy
  • Thermal Insulation Technology
  • Prised Flooring Technology
  • Structural Strength
  • Height & Properties
  • Framework Detailing
  • Cable Way Positioning
  • Control Panel & Electrical Panel
  • Fitting & Fictions
  • Breakers & Connections Details


What is E-House?

Called :Electrocenter, Powerhouse, Packaged Control Rooms, SwitchRooms,
Control Center, Power Control Room, Prefabricated substation, Electrical building. An “equipment” used in the production, distribution, processes.

What is E-House?

– An E-House is a pre-engineered electrical substation, fully assembled and tested in a factory: Plug & Play
- Cross-selling, pull-through and service opportunities

E-House is a Fully engineered, tested, industrialized Solution for more Safety & Security (example)