Portable, Prefabricated Site Office / Cabin

Business operations that involve on-site services for a longer duration of time often set up temporary offices near their area of operation. Prefabricated site offices become an ideal choice for such businesses. Prefab cabin components are built off-site and assembled on-site for immediate occupation.
Portable site cabin are an emerging trend. With the need for affordable yet effective solution for office spaces, prefabricated site office becomes the ideal solution.
Massive spending on conventional fixed structure becomes futile once work on site comes to an end. Prefab site offices offer you low budget and effective investment. They are also available in different sizes and come with all the necessary comforts required to run an office smoothly.

  • Based on site conditions and requirements, various options on fascia of panels available to choose from
  • Can be easily expanded and re-located
  • Custom built Light gauge steel structures with PUF Insulated Panels
  • Different height walls but durable and strong construction
  • In case of extension, the light weight panels can be easily lift and erected at any height
  • Insulation of prefab cabins results in higher energy savings and provides comfort in adverse conditions
  • Flexible, Custom-built according to the client’s requirements
  • Available in different colors, sizes and design
  • Compact and tremendous structural strength
  • All weather protection
  • Costs significantly less than regular office buildings
  • Quick installation allows immediate use of office cabins

Why choose us?
If you are in need of a low-budget, flexible office for your on-site operations, look no further. Speed 4 Prefab is a renowned manufacturer and supplier of Portable site cabin. We offer a wide range of prefab site cabins designed according to the clients’ demands. Our products are manufactured using latest technology and comply with international standards. Moreover, we offer industry competitive prices.

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